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We know we are the best, but let’s see what others say about us 😉

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2 days running the your list that you pulled and 2 Deals locked in with ur list and 3 hot leads about to get Locked in!!

Brian Ford TD Homes LLC

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The platform is pretty simple and straightforward. So far I’ve gotten excellent results and have been able to reach the contacts I’ve been looking for

Allen Garbuzov Onestop Offer LLC

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Perfect!! Just in time.. Just about to Lock in another deal in Houston, Texas from the list you got me last week..100%

Jess Cortez Cinco Star Marketing

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Prop Skiptrace is the best and helps me with everything in my real estate business. Definitely key in my business doing $100,000 per month!

Ronald Walker Walker group LLC


We charge 0.03$/record for skip tracing, not 0.06$/hit. If you would like to order a list, it is complimentary as long as you purchase our skip tracing. We do also pull land data at 0.03$/record, not skipped. If you wish to order a list of records + skip tracing, you have to select that option from our home page.

We have an 90% to 95% average hit rate and match rate.

If you upload 10,000 records, it will take approximately 5 hours.

We do everything we can to provide as many efficient phone numbers. We charge 0.03$/record, not 0.03$/hit, do not expect your list to have a 100% hit rate, however, if your hit rate is lower than 80%, you will receive credits. You can use the credits for your next order.

First you have to register. Once you are logged in, you can submit your list.


We partnered with one of the biggest data providers in California.

Please click on Contact us or Submit list for your Order. build for REI investors by real estate investors like you. The days of overspending are over. The Most Affordable Skiptracing in Existence.

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